Dionne Roberts

Stir It, Shake It, Make It Scrumptious

Whether you are polishing your edible garnish game for the holiday festivities or just searching for the perfect mixers to layer your libations, we have a craft list of cocktail accoutrements and additions that are certain to freshen up this year’s cheers.

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Culinary Campside

We compiled a resourceful, elevated list of tried-and-true camping recipes using products from artisan grocer Leevers Locavore to create the ultimate over-the-open-fire menu featuring true local flavors.

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Take the Train to Nature’s Sauna

Staying true to nature’s brilliance, the Yampah Spa Vapor Caves, a small group of natural underground hot mineral steam baths in Glenwood Springs, brings the heat and offers a long-standing tradition of what visitors refer to as “healing and rejuvenation.”

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Smoke on the Water: Elixir De Los Dioses

Mezcal, the mystifying and versatile Oaxacan-born spirit, ranges from a variant in Moscow mules to making for some ultra strong and smoky margaritas. This “elixir of the gods,” known as the ancient Mayan people’s nectar, shares biological ties to tequila (also derived from the agave plant), but discerns itself due to its point of origin and earthy distillation process.

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