A LOCAL GALLERY CREATES a whimsical collection of conceptual art 

Menagerie Exhibition fooLPRoof contemporary art
by J. Hope, Louis Recchia, Laura Phelps Rogers

Buying art for your home can be tricky and even over-whelming. It’s such a deeply personal expression by the artist, but you also want it to be representative of your own experience with the art and even a reflection of your personal taste and design aesthetic. And it’s great if at least some of the main art pieces throughout your home have some level of continuity, whether it be color or style or even medium. To help buyers envision an art plan, while having a wonderful time experiencing the art, Laura Phelps Rogers organizes exhibitions with a continuum in mind. Her latest, Menagerie, which runs through the end of March at FooLPRoof Art in the RiNo Art District, showcases conceptual works from 15 artists (eight of whom are Colorado-based) that all adhere in one way or another to a wild, whimsical theme. “I designed this exhibit to be palpable for the consumer,” she says. “It allows them to envision the work in their own homes.” 

menagerie [mə’najərē, mə’naZHərē] n. a strange or diverse collection of people or things. 

3240 Larimer St., Denver 


Leslie Aguillard* 

Gwen Arkin 

Emmanuelle Auzias* 

Tobias Flores 

Jennifer Hope* 

Tess Jones 

Sandy Lane 

David Lobdell 

Linda Lowry* 

Louis Recchia* 

Laura Phelps Rogers* 

Martha Russo* 

Gillie & Marc Schattner 

Ken Stock 

Sahand Tabatabai* 

*Colorado-based artists