Heavenly Hot Springs


By Heather Shoning
All photos courtesy of hot springs resorts

The Springs Resort & Spa

Spend a long weekend soaking in Colorado’s GEOTHERMAL HEALING WATERS

What’s better than taking a relaxing soak in tranquil hot springs while soaking up the natural beauty the Centennial state boasts? Not much, we say. Not much. Whether you crave an action-packed family weekend or a quixotic weekend with your significant other, there’s a hot springs getaway for that.

Considering that there are more than 30 hot springs areas in the state, it’s no surprise that you can find everything from rustic, backcountry soakers to a larger-than-Olympic-size steaming mineral pool—and the accompanying accommodations are equally as encompassing. 

Indigenous people regarded the hot springs as sacred spaces, and regardless of which you choose, hot springs are therapeutic, doing wonders for both mind and body. The mineral-rich waters are said to improve circulation, offer pain relief for joints and overworked muscles, cleanse and moisturize the skin, detoxify the body by promoting sweating, and much more. Not to mention the relaxation and stress relief that comes from unwinding with a nice, hot soak.

Here are just a few of the springs you can visit throughout our striking high country.

The Springs Resort & Spa

Located in downtown Pagosa Springs, The Springs Resort & Spa is a massive thermal playground including 24 geothermal, mineral-rich hot spring pools. It’s the perfect spot to soak sore muscles after skiing Wolf Creek or an intense San Juan hiking day. There’s a wellness center and spa onsite, plus food, drinks and luxury accommodations for a complete resort getaway.

165 Hot Springs Blvd.
Pagosa Springs


Old Town Hot Springs 

Steamboat Springs is known for its collection of underground hot springs—some of which bubble up right in downtown, the home of Old Town Hot Springs. Another famous one in this neck of the woods is Strawberry Park (see below), which is tucked away in the hills and the perfect choice for those who like to dip au natural. However, if this is a family affair, Old Town Hot Springs on Main Street is the place for you. This hot springs-cum-recreation-center includes 100-year-old natural mineral pools and an ice bath, plus two water slides, a waterfall, a kiddie area, a climbing wall, and a full-service indoor gym and massage therapy. They even offer water aerobics classes. No reservations are required for use of the springs.

136 Lincoln Ave.
Steamboat Springs


Old Town Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs blends the pure natural beauty of the environment with the unique open-air thermal pools. Day-use guests can reserve a 2-hour window. Clothing is optional after dark until opening the following day, so no minors are permitted after sundown. Pool reservations are available 25 to 30 days in advance, and they accept cash only. 

County Road 36
Steamboat Springs


Avalanche Ranch

With its natural mountain setting outside Carbondale, Avalanche Ranch is the perfect hub for outdoor adventure. It includes rustic cabins linked by a series of tiered natural pools with small waterfalls and rock grottos—a perfect spot for mingling and rehashing the days’ adventures. 

12863 State Hwy 133


Avalanche  Ranch

Durango Hot Springs

Durango Hot Springs is designed with every type of visitor in mind. Its 32 natural mineral pools include eight soaking spots near the large, zero-entry, resort-style swimming pool—perfect for families—while the other soaking pools are situated on the property’s western slope for adults only. In addition, there are two cold plunges, five private Japanese-style Ofuro tubs, a reflexology path plus concession and recreation areas.

Durango Hot Springs

6475 Co. Rd. 203


Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings

Situated in the heart of the “Switzerland of America,” Ouray’s Wiesbaden Hot Springs offers a unique vapor cave within the mountain and underneath the main lodge area with 78-degree waters cascading from the first chamber and a 109-degree soaking pool in the second chamber. There’s an outdoor swimming pool of 102 to 104 degrees and the Lorelei, a secluded, private outdoor soaking pool and waterfall (for an additional charge). The resort offers accommodations ranging from small rooms to a cottage on the hillside, and spa services are available. No reservations are required for the pools, but access is on a first-come, first-served basis.

625 5th St.


Charlotte Hot Springs & Botanical Gardens 

Perhaps the newest hot springs resort in the state, Charlotte Hot Springs & Botanical Gardens is across the highway from Cottonwood Hot Springs in Buena Vista. This quaint property currently has three pools plus beautiful indoor botanic gardens. This is a spot to keep an eye on as they grow in the years to come.

19256 County Rd. 343
Buena Vista


Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Although it’s geared toward groups of all ages, this is a ridiculously romantic spot to share with your beau. It’s tucked on the hillside overlooking the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs. In 2023, the area was designated a National Natural Landmark, and its 16 geothermal soaking pools boast upscale landscaping that is majestic after dark.  While there are no onsite lodging accommodations, the resort is an easy walk to neighboring hotels and restaurants, although there is a bathhouse and two cafes on the property to ensure your visit is comfortable.

281 Centennial St.
Glenwood Springs


Iron Mountain Hot Springs