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By Jamie Lynn Miller

Photography Courtesy of Women on Course

Women On Course embraces networking, wine tasting, travel & friendship, with or without teeing up

TRAVEL JUNKIE, lifestyle enthusiast and founder of Women on Course, a celebration of all things golf, Donna Hoffman wasn’t always a fan of the sport. In fact, she used to reject everything about it.

“My first husband was an avid golfer, and I considered myself a golf widow,” Hoffman says of the couple’s disparate lifestyles. “I swore I wouldn’t date another man who was into golf.”

But then someone introduced her to the sport differently. “He gave me the right club,” she says, “and had a glass of chardonnay waiting for me. He said, ‘This relationship won’t work if you don’t like golf.’” 

During their golf trip to Arizona, Hoffman was struck by the perks that accompany the sport, from outdoor beauty to the indoor luxuries of resort settings. They brainstormed how to break down barriers to the sport so that more women would enter—and enjoy—the game.

Donna Hoffman, Founder of Women on Course

And so, Women on Course (WOC) was born, an endeavor for lifestyle enthusiasts who embrace the entirety of golf culture—the travel, the apparel, playing or watching in a social setting. While not all members play golf, explains Hoffman, everyone embraces
the lifestyle. 

With markets nationwide, WOC’s Denver market launched in 2008, a by-product of a happy hour held at Fleming’s Steakhouse. “People were asking about golf events and membership,” Hoffman recalls, “and I said they didn’t need to be a member to come
on out.”

At some point, however, she realized they wanted a club they could join. “So, I started a company!” she says.

The Denver market has experienced the biggest jump in participation, with nearly 2000 people in its database. “Our area leader, Sandra Ivey, is a strong bridge between members and guests,” says Hoffman. “There’s a real enthusiasm for Women on Course.”

There are varying levels of membership for how one interprets the lifestyle. There’s the 19th Hole Golfer, dedicated to the social aspects and networking; there’s a learning level with one-hour clinics with a pro and a few holes of golf. And for those who are course-ready, there’s a level for 9 or 18 holes of golf.

With golf comes travel, something Women on Course does well. Hoffman recently organized an all-inclusive adventure to the Dominican Republic, and an upcoming project involves a new show called “Golf Partners,” in which eight people will tell their stories, and then people vote for their favorite partner. In March, WOC headed to Palm Springs, and “Golf Partners” candidates were in tow. “I thought I’d have a few volunteers,” she says, “but more than 50 people wanted to participate in the show!”

While non-members can sign up for an event for a $10 booking fee, members enjoy discounts to different apparel partners and opportunities in any market, from wine tastings and fashion events to finding a golfing partner through the club’s directory.

One of the most valuable things members enjoy, says Hoffman, is access to an exceptional group of women. “Women are very intent on wanting me to know how WOC changed their lives. ‘If it wasn’t for WOC,’ they say, ‘I wouldn’t have met this lifelong friend.’” 

With more than 100 organized events a year, the WOC scorecard is ramping up. Check out these upcoming Colorado events and find more at

  • July 7: 18 holes at City Park Golf Course
  • August 4: 18 holes in Evergreen 
  • Monthly events at Superfly Golf Lounge until the start of the golf season.
  • Year-round opportunities at indoor golf simulators at bars, restaurants & TopGolf locations.


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