What’s the Brew-ha-ha About?

The Landmark Lands Holidaily Brewery

The first woman-owned gluten-free brewery in the country has grown into the largest dedicated gluten-free brewery with a robust cult following. And with their second brewery now open at The Landmark in Greenwood Village (the only gluten-free brewery with two tap rooms), those happy for hops cups runneth over with suds, sans gluten.

Not only does the beer flow freely at Holiday but their dog-friendly patio welcomes four-legged family members to get in on the action. “It’s really a place for everyone to gather, connect and celebrate the every day,” says Karen Hertz who’s a pioneer on many levels.  Being a woman in a male dominated industry and a crusader for patrons with Celiac disease and food allergies, Hertz has been pushing the boundaries and opening doors for years. “I grew up in Cherry Hills Village so being able to bring Holidaily to my roots means so much.  I’ve already run into childhood friends and family friends who can now drink beer regardless of their food issues.”

With four flagship beers, a rotating seasonal beer and an adventure beer on tap, there’s always something for everyone. “We love experimenting with new ingredients and creating recipes so having this second tap room with the two-barrel pilot brewing system allows us the space to get creative and also get feedback from our customers,” comments Hertz.

Giving back is also at the cornerstone of Holidaily’s ethos with their “Raise a Pint, Lend a Hand” program.  “On the third Thursday of every month we donate 10% of all our sales to that month’s nonprofit.” This month they will be donating to Robbie’s Hope an organization helping to stop teen suicide. Additionally, they give to the Celiac Disease Foundation through seasonal events like their upcoming Oktoberfest.

Despite the Pandemic, Holidaily grew 30 percent last year and produced 2,200 barrels of beer, and they’re poised to double that this year with canned beers as well as draft handles at other breweries that need a gluten-free option.  “We’re working on building our brand throughout the Southwest and enhancing our relationship with our customers through our taprooms so we’re excited for this next chapter of growth.”

For an awesome autumn experience try their Fall Flight with Patchy Waters Pumpkin Ale, Riva Stout, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Oktoberfest Märzen-Style Lager.  We’ll drink to that!

Holiday Brewing

5370 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Greenwood Village, holidailybrewing.com