Wake Up Call

IV drip

I was tired the morning I walked into Onus iV. Really tired. So tired that, in the preceding week, I had developed a habit of taking two naps after work, bookending my dinner.

Luckily, Kristy Anderson, co-founder of Onus iV, had just the solution: A John Myers Cocktail with some glutathione. But instead of sitting at a bar, Anderson showed me to a leather sofa with cushy throw pillows inside The Landmark location. And instead of sliding me a glass with libations, the RN hung an IV bag on a metal stand and secured a needle in my arm.

Then came the waiting—forty minutes in total—which was just enough time to pick Anderson’s brain about Onus iV’s intravenous vitamin therapy.

The John Myers Cocktail (named for the pioneer Johns Hopkins MD himself, who first began administering the concoction to patients) is a mix of vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium and calcium. The vitamins are infused through two supposedly super-beneficial liters of fluid. And the added glutathione is an antioxidant “for immunity, beauty and energy,” Onus iV claims.

Anderson and her husband, Chaz Faulhaber, fell for IV hydration six years ago when they tried it after an intense mountain biking race. The treatment brought their exhausted bodies back to life and the couple knew immediately they wanted to bring that feeling to Colorado—with the help of Dr. Benjamin Wilks, an ER doctor who handles the science and medical side of the business.

Originally a recovery service for athletes, Onus iV now offers drips for boosting the immune system, muscle recovery, altitude sickness, hangover recovery (the fix that started this trend), to supplement vegetarian diets and more. The entire staff, like Anderson, is ER certified.

Many medical health professionals are unsure of the health benefits of vitamin IV drips, and little scientific evidence exists to quell their uncertainty. But there are athletes, runners and specialists like Dr. Wilks who see a real benefit to these wellness concoctions: “It has the potential to improve immune health, boost energy levels, enhance overall mood, improve mental clarity and cognitive functioning, combat fatigue, enhance wound healing and much more.”

While waiting for drips to finish, customers are encouraged to relax. As Anderson and I talked, we could hear other infusees laughing together over a sitcom in the next room.

So, how are you feeling?
DAY ONE: Like when you get a massage, Anderson said, my body would release toxins that would culminate in overexertion. But I wasn’t so dead that I couldn’t enjoy a night out.

DAY TWO: I didn’t have Red Bull wings, but I also didn’t take two naps or need a caffeine fix.

DAY THREE: I was focused and efficient.

DAY FOUR: I didn’t endure the traditional afternoon crash.

DAY FIVE: I returned to my baseline energy level. It’s too soon to tell if my system has truly reaped any benefits, though I suspect my extreme fatigue was in response to fighting off a virus that never came. Ask me in the spring how many colds I tolerated in winter.

Onus iV
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