Variety Show

Of all seasonal wears, spring’s wardrobe has the biggest job to do. To tackle helter-skelter forecasts and alfresco-forward schedules, only one attribute makes its lighter layers shine: versatility. We asked an area stylist to demonstrate how adaptable this year’s pieces can be. Encore! Encore!

Spring green jacket and dress look
Cat Janiga Viper Bite stud earrings, $275, and small Oracle band ring, $178, at Cat Janiga Jewelry; Insight green moto jacket, $180, and Eva Rose citrus dress, $85, both at Wish Boutique, Historic South Gaylord Street, 303.733.4848; Marc Fisher LTD Genia snake-printed kitten heels, $152, at Rebel, Cherry Hills Marketplace, 720.283.1004

“Overall, this season is about exploring color and pattern in unusual ways. I started seeing green used as a pop of color last year, but the idea is really arriving in stores now. Fruit patterns are also going to be big. A fit-and-flair dress usually reads very girly, but the green moto jacket adds a bit of edge.” –Metro Denver-based wardrobe stylist Hannah Moon

Spring green jacket and jeans look
Insight green moto jacket, $180, and Good American jeans, $169, both at Wish Boutique; Chan Luu mother of pearl necklace, $145, and Marc Fisher LTD Amari espadrilles, $170, at Rebel; Spell and The Gypsy Collective T-shirt, $84, at Melrose and Madison, South Pearl Street, 303.777.7515

“Many of us have a leather jacket in our closet, but don’t utilize it as much as we should—a lot of times because the topper feels too heavy for warmer seasons. This jacket is made from a lightweight suede material that looks like leather, which creates a world of possibilities. Also, I think flared jeans are flattering on any body type.”

Spring floral dress and hat look
Lack of Color hat, $199; long gold necklace, $44; and lion cuff, $89, all at Wish Boutique; Cat Janiga After Glow earrings, $275; After Glow pendant, $230; and Corona ring, $195, all at Cat Janiga Jewelry; Misa Katarina dress, $365, at Melrose and Madison; Frame belt, $190, at Rebel

“A lot of women like the boho vibe, but become concerned that the look is too youthful. This outfit is the solution. The dress offers a more mature interpretation, and the Southwestern flair of the hat and layered jewelry punch up the look.”

Floral dress and sweater look
27 Miles Malibu Roseanna hooded sweater, $319, and Misa Katarina dress, $365, both at Melrose and Madison; earrings, $18, at Wish Boutique; Frame belt, $190, at Rebel; Beast mules, $48, at Paisley and Park, Greenwood Village, 720.482.4013

“I am a color queen. This bright hooded sweater is a great way to add in lively hues while still being weather appropriate. Whenever you’re wanting to use a dress as a skirt, be sure the functionality is there (midi and high-low dress lengths work best, for example). With the belt, you can also fake a ‘French tuck’ to break up the fabric.”

Linen pants and sweater look
Cat Janiga Via Lactea stud earrings, starting at $160; Sol Station necklace, $250; Corona cuff, $425; and Coeus cuff, starting at $325, all at Cat Janiga Jewelry; 525 America striped sweater, $98, at Wish Boutique; Rachel Pally linen pants, $189, at Melrose and Madison; woven slip-on sneakers, $38, at Paisley and Park

“Linen pants have always been a vacation staple, but they are really a viable option for the usual day-to-day. Wrinkles are often thought of as bad, but with a wrinkle-prone fabric like linen, I say just let it be creased. This is the kind of outfit to wear to the farmers’ market or while running errands on a Saturday. The light, colorful sweater and the braided slip-on sneakers add chicness.”

Linen pants and blouse look
Cat Janiga Astraea drop pendant, starting at $175, at Cat Janiga Jewelry; Derek Lam floral blouse, $296, at Rebel; Insight alligator jacket, $180, at Wish Boutique; Rachel Pally linen pants, $189, at Melrose and Madison; Beast braided heel, $52, at Paisley and Park

“Linen pants are also not just for casual plans. This elevated look is something you could wear to date night or a luncheon.”

Watercolor dress
Chan Luu shell and turquoise necklace, $295, and Parker watercolor dress, $428, both at Rebel; teal clutch, $138, at Wish Boutique; beaded bracelet set, $25, and Beast braided heel, $52, both at Paisley and Park; Cat Janiga After Glow cuff, $395, at Cat Janiga Jewelry

“Watercolor and ombré are going to be huge spring trends. The varied hues in this elegant watercolor dress (rather than, say, a palette of only blues) gives the wearer options.”

Watercolor dress and jacket
Cat Janiga Coeus hoop earrings, starting at $245, at Cat Janiga Jewelry; abalone necklace, $28, at Wish Boutique; Luna jacket, $88; blush backpack, $72; and beaded bracelets, $25, all at Paisley and Park; Parker watercolor dress, $428, and Marc Fisher LTD Amari espadrilles, $170, both at Rebel

“This look shows how a dress typically worn to an event or dinner can become appropriate for a more casual day, when paired with laidback pieces like a utilitarian safari jacket and espadrilles. You could go to Whole Foods in this.”

Blue pants look
Cat Janiga Astraea drop earrings, starting at $186; Oracle claw ring, $255; and Nebula necklace, starting at $165, all at Cat Janiga Jewelry; Parker Cassidy blouse, $248; Vince periwinkle trousers, $350; and Marc Fisher LTD Genia snake-printed kitten heels, $152, all at Rebel

“Women often ask me how to find comfortable workwear that’s not stuffy or too masculine. High-waisted, loose-fitting trousers have heaps of versatility. The right pairs still have some structure, with an ankle length that works with both heels and flats. This periwinkle shade also adds color to your wardrobe without being too overwhelming.”

Polka-dot blouse look
Bloom chain necklace, $280; Derek Lam polka-dot blouse, $328; Frame belt, $190; and Mother jeans, $225, all at Rebel; Cat Janiga After Glow ring, $220; small Oracle band ring, $178; Hex stacing ring, $72; Corona ring, $195; and Oracle claw ring, $255, all at Cat Janiga Jewelry; painted vintage jacket, $175, at Melrose and Madison; Beast mules, $48, at Paisley and Park

“A work-ready blouse doesn’t have to be just for the boardroom, nor does it have to be plain and boring. A polka-dot blouse is typically seen as very feminine, but this design has a masculine quality that we lean into with the rest of the outfit. The polka dots are red, which is a more attention-grabbing color, but the tiny dot scale makes the shade more approachable.”