Trend Report


This season’s accessories “are easy for anyone to wear,” says Alexandra Daigle, store manager of Mainstream Boutique, Castle Pines and Mainstream Boutique, Aurora. Here, she talks through the top three types. We’ll leave you to it.

The main reason you’ll keep wearing this chic, sometimes rustic adornment: Leather earrings are light. “They make a bold statement without weighing you down like statement earrings usually do,” says Daigle.

Other fashion experts call these small handbags, but that designation is not nearly as fun nor, for our community, as descriptive. “Our customers refer to these bags as the party bag because they are perfect for events,” says Daigle. “Our most popular option is our three-in-one bag—it can be a wallet, a wristlet and a crossbody purse.”

“The bigger the stack the better,” says Daigle. “We are moving into a new season of mixing and matching metals, which I think is a big factor here … unexpected pairings can really change up your look.”