Top That!

By Jay McKinney

Photography Courtesy of Toastique Greenwood Village

TOAST IS THE HOST for a variety of fresh toppings at this fast-casual dining spot

AVOCADO TOAST STARTED IT ALL. In the 1980s, avocados began moving into the mainstream U.S. food culture as we made a narrative shift toward wellness. In the early 1990s, the late Australian chef Bill Granger put avocado toast on his restaurant menu—a reported first. But it wasn’t until 2013 when Gwyneth Paltrow put a recipe for avocado toast in her cookbook, “It’s All Good,” that the internet’s ears perked up. In her follow-up cookbook, “It’s All Easy,” the actress-turned-lifestyle-businesswoman and influencer included three avocado toast recipes. Then Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram story showing how she makes the now infamous dish.

Today, gourmet toast with towering fresh toppings and often Insta-worthy presentations grace menus across the U.S. and beyond. Fast-casual franchise Toastique takes it one step further: Toast is the bread and butter—pun intended—of this restaurant’s offerings.

Colorado has five Toastique locations, and on January 1, 2024, Stephen and Melissa Stewart became the proud new owners of the Greenwood Village location. The husband-wife duo is thriving with their acquisition of Toastique, and they love serving the delicious meals that the restaurant is known for. While the Stewarts have run other businesses in the past, this is the couple’s first venture into the restaurant industry, and they have elevated the customer service to match the quality of the food.  

From cultivating a great team of employees to rearranging the dining area and bringing in an assortment of plants, Melissa Stewart says customers have taken notice. The restaurant is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is trending among nearby office workers and those who live in Greenwood Village.  

“We’re a quick-service restaurant,” Melissa Stewart says. “You can come here and get a healthy, delicious meal in a short amount of time.” She notes that many patrons are on a quick lunch break and need to grab a meal and go. They are thankful for a fast, healthy option.

Toastique prides itself on its fantastic menu that uses the freshest ingredients and never added preservatives. Diners can easily fall in love with the classic Avocado Smash that includes watermelon radishes, marinated tomatoes and microgreens on a thick slice of multigrain toast. Melissa and Stephen are particularly fond of the Avocado Smash and add crab meat to theirs, but they encourage customers to explore some of the other toasty creations. Dishes like the Tuscan Tuna, Tomato Burrata and Three Cheese Italian are mouthwatering and indeed fodder for Instagram. 

“When you see our toasts, they are like works of art,” Melissa Stewart says. “What it looks like on the website is what it will look like when it comes out. I would say ninety-nine percent of the people that order take pictures of their food.” 

For those who steer clear of bread, there’s no need to worry. Toastique offers a variety of bowls that are equally delicious and healthy. According to Melissa Stewart, the PB+B Bowl is undisputedly the favorite, but there’s no wrong choice. Be different and try the Black Mystique, which includes activated charcoal, blueberry, strawberry and coconut water topped with goji berries, granola, kiwi, coconut, strawberries and a drizzle of honey.  

While its healthy meals are sure to fend off an afternoon crash better than a cheeseburger and fries, Toastique also offers smoothies and cold-pressed juice and has a full-service espresso bar. In fact, many of the customers stop in just for the coffee. Of course, there’s WiFi for those who wish to bring their laptops and work remotely—or to Instagram their meals.


8501 E. Arapahoe Rd., Suite B

Greenwood Village