Shine Bright

By Amanda Lacey

Photos Courtesy of Melrose & Madison Boutique

CO-OWNER POWERHOUSES Kristen Brown and Paige Moeller of Melrose & Madison boutique on keeping tradition and uplifting women

Mother-daughter duo Kristen Brown and Paige Moeller, respectively, know a thing or two about bringing a dream to fruition. Over the past decade, as co-owners of Melrose & Madison boutique, the two have created a name for themselves and fostered a community that thrives and truly supports all involved.

Ever since a young age, Moeller had a vision. “When I was seven years old, I’d come up with different names and pretend that I owned a store,” she says. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, it might’ve been in her blood all along—as well as her mom’s. Her grandfather owned two women’s clothing stores, and Brown worked at both. After Moeller returned to Denver from working in the fashion industry in L.A., came one fateful evening never to be forgotten—she met with her parents for dinner and spotted a ‘for lease’ sign going up across the way. “It was serendipitous that that happened, and we called right away to express our interest in the space,” Moeller recalls.

Moeller’s degree in fashion merchandising and Brown’s in marketing (along with a background in business and accounting) made the perfect recipe for success. An added bonus: The two work really well together. “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so in a sense, we try to stay in our own lanes, you might say. We know what we’re good at and what we’re not good at, and that’s where we balance each other out,” Brown says. 

The two have bonded over their shared love of shopping for as long as they can recall, which also motivated them to open their boutique so other mothers and daughters could share that experience. The most rewarding part of it all? “Having such great customers,” Moeller says. “It’s great to wake up and know I get to see such friendly faces. And there’s nothing better than helping women to feel their best. Seeing their eyes light up after finding a piece of clothing they love is everything.”

In addition to fostering self-confidence in women, supporting their employees in all aspects is crucial for the two. “We want to help them shine in the areas that they’re passionate about. We’re very hands-on, and we’re always involved, but we like to have them show where they can shine in the business as well,” Moeller says. “We let them take the lead if they have a specific interest, such as social media or buying. We’ll assist them in those areas so they can grow further.” 

For Brown, offering a safe space for girls and women of all ages is just as important. Many of their customers have grown with them—some were just 16 years old when they began shopping at Melrose & Madison, and now they’re bringing their children in to shop. Building lasting relationships with their customers—many of which have resulted in friendships—makes Melrose & Madison feel like a second home. “They call it retail therapy for a reason,” Moeller says. “We’re always open to talking to our customers about their life issues. Whatever they’re going through, we’re there for them.”

Melrose & Madison
1500 South Pearl Street 
Denver, CO 80210