Save Your Summer Locks

Just like you need to protect your skin, the same is true for your hair. Sun, water, the environment—they can all wreak havoc on it. But it’s all preventable with a few simple tricks to keep your tresses in great shape all season long.

Preventative Measures

Before heading outdoors for your active lifestyle, consider pulling long hair into soft braids. Pop on a hat, as well, to help prevent split ends that come from wind damage and general dryness from the sun, says hairstylist and makeup artist Stephie Lane with Be Love Beauty in Lone Tree.

If you’re heading to the pool, keep in mind that chlorine can not only dry out your hair but can cause color damage—especially to light locks. “Wet your hair with fresh tap water before getting in the pool,” says Lane. “Hair can only hold so much water, so if you ‘fill’ it up with non-pool water first, most of the pool water will stay out of your hair.” For beachgoers (fresh or salt), rinse your hair as soon as you get out of the water to remove any algae or other residue.

Senior stylist Lauren Peterson from la Tierra Salon & Day Spa in Highlands Ranch suggests strengthening masks to help remedy the damage caused by an outdoor, active lifestyle. “Also, keep up on haircuts to keep the damage from getting worse,” she says.


If you’re swimming and sweating, wash your hair frequently. If you’re washing daily, use a leave-in conditioner to protect the hair from heat and replenish lost moisture. Straight and curly hair have different needs. “Straight hair needs moisture, but the molecules need to be a bit smaller—think argan oil and other light oils—while curly hair needs a leave-in with a lot of moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and aloe,” says Lane.

A weekly conditioning treatment will be your best line of defense and method to repair the damage. Leave it on at least 30 minutes after thoroughly combing it through the hair. If you have blonde or gray hair, opt for a blue or purple conditioner to keep color from yellowing. “Pro tip: Wash hair with a clarifying (non-blue) shampoo before using the purple treatment,” Lane says. “That will remove any product
build-up and help the toning conditioner better stain the hair.”

Save Your Scalp

Sun damage happens here, too—and not just for people with no hair. Don’t neglect your part and the hairline around your forehead when applying sunscreen. Some leave-in hair moisturizers have SPF that protects your locks, so give it a rub around your scalp for extra protection there, too. Peterson says if you’re concerned about scalp damage, have your stylist take a look and assess any problem areas.

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