Quarantine, Captured

Back in early April, when Colorado residents were quarantined to their homes and businesses were deemed either essential or nonessential, real estate agent Coleen Sanders, who was spending all of her time in her Cherry Hills Village château, was looking for collaboration, community and creative outlets—anything to keep from feeling idle and disconnected.

Then, she got wind of a Los Angeles photographer, Saam Gabbay, who had photographed friends and family outside of their homes for his birthday, and had an idea: a photo series that would explore what life looked like during the stay-at-home order, featuring her clients. It would be upbeat. It would be heartening. And it would encapsulate this unique moment in time. Meet the Denver Window Stills series, photographed by Andrew Forino, who captured an intimate look into what Sanders clients’ lives (and homes) looked like in quarantine.

Alongside the photos, which are featured on her Instagram account (@coleensanders_den), Sanders asked subjects to fill out her own edition of Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire for a how-households-are-fairing verbal snapshot. “As a person and a real estate agent, I try to remain authentic and trustworthy,” she says. “So instead of me posting photos of me and my listings,” the series showcased the authenticity of her clients and their lives in quarantine. Sanders continues: “It connected me with other people who loved them.”

And from the Highland neighborhood in Denver to Cherry Hills, what the real estate agent saw were people embracing being homeward bound: “Ultimately, what makes a home is not the size of the house or where you live, but family and friends and people. The common thread was that everyone came back to what’s important in life—to the little things that were maybe taken for granted. … This is an unforgettable experience that we’re going through. My clients couldn’t wait to get the photo, frame it and have it for their homes as a memory.” We, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to catalogue an album.