Leading with Light

Photos by Scott Hasson Photography

The Landmark penthouse kitchen and dining room

Let there be light! That was the mantra of Greenwood Village residents Ann and her husband, Greg, when they took up residence in a 1,700-square-foot, one-story luxury penthouse in the East Tower at The Landmark last year. “We knew from looking at the floor plan that lighting was critical to making the condo feel bright; only one side of the space delivered natural sunlight,” recalls Ann.

To guide the couple through the dark abyss, Ann turned to Lin Lee of Lin Lee and Associates Interior Design, a friend for 17 years and a lauded Castle Pines-based designer. And Lee saw major potential: “There were wonderfully high ceilings, gorgeous mountain views and a dedicated laundry room, which is very unusual for a small space like this. The configurations of the rooms also worked well.” The floor plan was open, but the rooms still provided the homeowners with privacy.

The challenge: Lee had just six weeks—while the couple was traveling abroad—to complete the transformation.

Her project road map concentrated on incorporating energy-saving LED lights wherever possible. Light, Lee maintains, is everything. “Properly designed and used, every element in a room is enhanced by light, and this redesign really showcases that because it was such a dark tunnel to start with,” she says. The glow up began in the kitchen, where Lee replaced ordinary recessed bulbs with sleek, Vermont-made Hubbardton Forge pendants that brighten the kitchen counter. She also installed under-cabinet LED lighting and resurfaced the floors (also dark) with a soft, gray-washed wood.

“Our other main goal was to incorporate a softly modern vibe in every room,” notes Lee. To that end, she deliberately chose fabrics and furnishings in light hues. Items flow from a dyed, gray hair-on-hide rug that enhances the living room floor to luxurious Nobilis gold-and-white embroidered throw pillows to a wavy bench upholstered in exquisite white leather. Custom-quilted, natural charcoal Home Treasures sheets and a coverlet, woven on Egyptian cotton, now lay on the bed in the master bedroom. Metallic living room curtains that glimmer in the shadow of the sun “became an unexpected focal point,” says Ann. “Especially when the evening sunlight shines through.”

While Lee had a limited timeframe to pull the penthouse together and was largely left to her own devices given the couple’s absence, Ann and Greg, who recently moved away from the metro area, couldn’t have been happier. “Lee’s approach balanced the lighting and helped the eye focus on key accessories and furniture,” Ann says. For the lucky new owner of the penthouse, the future is bright with light.

Lin Lee and Associates Interior Design

PHOTOS: Scott Hasson Photography


A mirror hung on the wall, positioned to reflect the mountains in the distance, enriches the LIVING ROOM. Overall, artwork was kept to a minimum. But Lee did add one conversation-worthy piece in this central location: bronzed men, on ropes, climbing skyward. “I wanted to use them for their verticality and to honor the height of the 12-foot ceiling,” she says.