I Wander

On a particularly antsy summer day, when you ask travel photographers for a photo that will take you somewhere, you won’t get a memory from, say, an average day at the beach. You’ll caravan to a moment in time that may just change your travel ambitions forever.

Maasai in Kenya
Photo by Ehren Joseph

“I was on assignment in East Africa in 2010 documenting the great work Richard and Katy Leakey were doing to provide relief to a community of Maasai who had been severely impacted by drought. For the Maasai, cattle provide meat and milk, but after the drought their herds died and the search for sustenance was acute. The Maasai used to move herds from one place to another so grass had a chance to grow. However, most of what was Maasai land has been seized. … Sadly, this sounds all too familiar. Climate change is having a severe impact on indigenous communities. There is no Planet B, but there are a host of aboriginal communities who can teach us best practices for land preservation.” –Ehren Joseph

Cinque Terre
Photo by Jamie Schwaberow

“This photo was taken on my wife and I’s first day on a trip to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre comprises five Italian villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. We took the train to Riomaggiore to catch a sunset cruise we had booked. Unfortunately, the cruise was cancelled due to choppy water conditions, but we took advantage of the views around us. Later, as luck would have it, we found a willing sailor in Vernazza to take us on our own private cruise.” –Jamie Schwaberow

Halong Bay
Photo by Chad Chisholm

“I took my father to Vietnam to retrace his steps from the time he was an A-6 fighter pilot in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He had never been on the ground. This was his first (and only) time back to the country since the 1970s. This small floating village in Halong Bay, only accessible by small, hand-paddled boats, farms pearl oysters. Halong Bay is an Unesco World Heritage site, and home to some 1,600 limestone monolithic islands. The absolute stillness and quiet was a stark contrast to the chaos of war my father had previously experienced in the exact same location.” –Chad Chisholm

Waterville, Ireland
Photo by E.J. Carr

“This was taken on a day trip from my home in Ireland, where I lived for three years. Waterville, on the Iveragh Peninsula, is home to a renowned golf destination, Waterville Golf Links. Every year I was in Ireland, I would play golf at Waterville on my birthday. The village took a back seat to golf, although as this image proves, undeservedly. The day I took this I was searching out the village’s statue of Charlie Chaplin. The rainbow of color overtook me as I approached the village. … I didn’t get a photo of Charlie Chaplin.” –E.J. Carr