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By Amanda Lacey

Run—don’t walk—into the wardrobe you’ve dreamed about with HELP FROM A STYLIST

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Ever take a look at your closet and think: “I have nothing to wear.”? It happens to the best of us, and it oftentimes makes the simple task of getting dressed in the morning feel like the most daunting. Local stylists weigh in on the benefits of hiring a pro to outfit your closet and embrace your style.

A personal stylist is not just for stars and celebrities. Hiring a pro is a way of investing in yourself—to help you feel more confident in the clothes you’re in, to improve your image and to help you show up in the world as your best self. Anne Liebman, SheStylesCo founder and style consultant, says it best: “Ultimately, a style uplevel is important for anybody. Whether it’s for work where a person needs to step into that elevated version of themselves to move forward confidently and feel amazing, or it could be a stay-at-home mom who is ready to invest in herself and rediscover her identity.”

Even in a work-from-home era, it’s important to feel your best—some days that might be loungewear but more often than not, it’s much more than that. And who doesn’t long to have a “style” that suits her every mood? “Every one of us is sending a message about who we are with the way we look and dress,” says Sandi Mele of The Style Shop Personal Styling, “and it matters that we send an accurate message no matter the season of life we’re in.” She goes on to say that working women need to know how to dress for the part as does a young mom looking to feel good in her new postpartum size and shape. 

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Sometimes help and direction is exactly what’s needed. Even having a closet full of clothes doesn’t ensure they’ll come together to create a seamless personal style. It could be that you’re missing a few foundational pieces to optimize key outfits. Or maybe you’re looking to build a whole new look and wardrobe to suit. The great thing about personal style is just that—it’s personal. To hire a pro to help you look, feel and dress your best doesn’t mean you have to have a bold style statement. It could just be embracing the best-fitting jeans and white t-shirts, but if bold is your thing, then go for it! And if you’re not quite sure, get some guidance. “There’s no shame in asking for help when it’s needed,” Mele says.

That’s where the pros come in. While every personal stylist likely approaches the task differently, the commonality is helping people step into the next level of style and getting them set up with the right wardrobe pieces while filing in any gaps along the way. A stylist will come in with a Marie Kondo–esque mindset—reviewing and auditing your closet, editing and organizing it, then taking it a step further by creating a shopping list (some even do the shopping for you), and providing styling tips and tricks along with Polaroids of outfits so you have a reference to take out any future guess work. 

Stylists agree it’s important to get clear on your style vision. Consider the fit and style of your clothing and if they’re right for you. Invest in good quality pieces, avoiding fast fashion—timeless, classic, essential pieces will go a long way. “Once you have the foundation of your wardrobe, then you can have fun mixing in layers, accessories, shoes, etcetera, creating an endless amount of outfits and a well-curated closet,” Liebman says.

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The best part of recruiting a personal stylist or image consultant? “The time that will be saved,” says Rachel Dee of Rachel Dee Style. Having someone zero in and do the hard work all while saving you from frustration, anxiety and confusion is exactly what professional stylists do, whether you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh or simply ready to start all over. “It’s all about the mental and emotional lift when you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself,” Dee says. “You’re faced with too many choices and decisions in a day, so we’ll help to simplify and find the things you truly love and feel best in.”

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