Games On

Pindustry immerses guests in 54,500 square feet of games, mixology, food, views and tunes

Pindustry hides inside a nondescript building that looks like what it was designed for in the 1980s: cars, parts and service. Open the front door and you tumble down a rabbit hole into a wonderland of games, diversions and sheer fun. 

First up is a throwback arcade with twenty vintage pinball machines and retro video classics including Pong. “That’s the place where parents and grandparents freak out and introduce their kids to the favorite games they grew up with,” says Shannon Silva, marketing director of Pindustry. The entertainment complex opened in Greenwood Village in 2021.

The wide-open floor plan on two floors leads guests to billiards and ping-pong tables as well as spaces for darts, shuffleboard and foosball.

Besides traditional ten pin bowling, Pindustry’s 23 lanes offer duck pin bowling, a quirky regional variation involving smaller balls without holes and pins on ropes. “You still roll the ball down the alley but sometimes toddlers and big guys throw the ball instead so we hear a lot of loud thuds,” Silva says.

The most dramatic spot is the long Skydeck constructed on top of the building with perfect sunset views of the Rocky Mountain backdrop and eight cornhole “arenas” with stadium seating.

“The Skydeck immediately became the most popular hang-out spot when we opened last summer. We wanted Pindustry to be a place where people could enjoy competitive games in one part and a bunch of girlfriends could relax with bruschetta and wine on another part of the roof,” she says.

One important thing to know about Pindustry is that there are no advance reservations for bowling or any of the games. “Everything is first come first served. When you get here you can put your name on a waiting list,” Silva says.

Besides, if there is a wait to get in on the action, you can order food and drinks to enjoy anywhere in the facility. 

The menu devised for Pindustry is not your grandfather’s bowling alley fare of hot dogs and nachos with molten orange cheese. “We wanted to offer a more elevated experience,” she says.

The kitchen sources high quality ingredients like burrata imported from Rome and artisan bacon from Denver’s River Bear American Meats.

An open, exhibition kitchen dishes serious Neapolitan pizzas baked and seared crispy in a high-temperature oven. Specialty pies range from The Don topped with crushed tomato sauce, meatballs, fresh basil and ricotta, provolone and Parmesan cheeses.

An experienced crew of mixologists craft impressive cocktails such as the Howling Chupacabra, a refreshing blend of blanco tequila, mezcal, ginger, fresh pineapple, lemon and seltzer.

On weekends Pindustry adds a music club element with local bands playing outside on the first floor, dog-friendly beer garden in the summer or inside during the colder months.

Folks drawn to Pindustry’s fun and games are also discovering a slew of new attractions in the neighborhood.

“The whole area is getting a big facelift with the opening of Grange Hall food hall and Shake Shack,” Silva says. WingWok, a restaurant which specializes in trendy Korean fried chicken, is set to open near Pindustry this year.  


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