Five Interior Design Trends for Your Home This Holiday

Photography Courtesy of Colorado Home Style Furnishings

Simple tips to create an inviting home that reflects your individualized style.

Create an inviting and elegant home this holiday as memories are made with friends and family.  These five interior design trends will transform your home into a welcoming, beautiful space guaranteed to impress. These tips will inspire your home decorating and your unique style. Plus, we’ll share the inside scoop about an amazing fine furniture showroom that offers over an acre of in-stock top-quality furnishings to elevate any room in your home.

Curves Create An Inviting Space: One of the biggest comebacks in interior design is adding curves. Curves help soften your space, making it friendlier to gather around a circular coffee table or sofa with soft curves. Furniture with curves, like a round dining table or rounded sectional sofa with soft contoured lines, create an intimate space to be part of the conversation. Curves create a sense of comfort and ease, an appealing shape that adds warmth to any room. Lose the sharp angles and explore the Denver fine furniture showroom we discovered for a large selection of furnishings that will inspire you.

Spice It Up with Textiles: Texture adds warmth, depth and character to any room. The key to an interesting, multi-dimensional look is mixing and matching different materials, fabrics, shapes, and sizes. Textures are as unique as you, so mixing a stunning solid wood dining table with sleek metal legs or a plush upholstered headboard with other textures exudes a visual experience. From rustic wood to sumptuous leather, soft fabrics to nubby hand tufted rugs, bronze statues to glass vases, layering textiles makes your home feel warm and inviting.

Color or Patterns Add Flair: A simple way to add personality to your home is incorporating patterns, prints or color. Push the boundary with an accent chair in bold colors or animal print.  Add accessories for a pop of color or upholstered pieces with intricate designs for movement to create an inviting space. Colorful artwork, cozy patterned area rugs or an eye-catching chaise adds vibrancy and flair.

Captivating Artwork: A simple yet powerful way to express personality is through artwork. Choose artwork you love, speaks to you and resonates. Pick classic paintings that tell a story, modern metal sculptures from a trip, or stunning picture frames with family memories that highlight your special world.

A Touch of Nature: Organic materials like wood and metal bring the outdoors inside creating a sense of warmth and authenticity. Live edge dining tables, a cozy leather recliner or a modern accent chair with metal accents exude natural coziness and rustic charm. Embrace Mother Nature for a timeless appeal in any room.

Inside Scoop:  Explore these trends at the furniture showroom we discovered in Denver:  Colorado Style Home Furnishings offers over an acre of in-stock fine furniture, accessories, artwork, rugs, lighting and more!  Their extensive selection of top-quality furnishings will transform your home. Whether you’re decorating your living room or dining room for the holidays, or your entire home, check out Colorado Style Home Furnishings. Make your home a beautiful, functional space for gatherings this holiday. Bring these trends to life. Create a home that wows your guests and makes memories to last a lifetime.

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