Eyewear Ambassador

PATRICK DEMPSEY is a man of many talents: actor, race car driver, athlete, and director. And to that impressive arsenal of genius, he can now add fashion accessory ambassador. Porsche Design Eyewear has teamed with Dempsey, whose passion for perfection in all aspects of life is reflected in a Collector’s Edition of a model inspired by the classic P’8478 sunglasses.

Originally designed by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972, the P’8478 were the first sunglasses with an interchangeable lens mechanism. The stylish frames paired with the various lenses gave way to a new breed of eyewear. Ultralight titanium creates the frames of these new glasses, from UV400 protection to polarization to contrast-enhancing lenses available for the squared aviator frames. 2021 ushers in the P’8928 with a sleek modern design that’s as suave and as versatile as the actor and motorsports enthusiast is.

The high-level design allows the wearer to change lenses, whatever the lifestyle. “It’s as quick as a pit stop,” jokes Dempsey. The adaptability allows for how you see the light and what suits the need, utilizing the Porsche Design innovative VISION DRIVE™ lens technology. “I love the engineering,” adds Dempsey. Approaching his ambassadorship as he does his personal and professional life, Dempsey explains the pillars of his method: teamwork, vision, goals, and how to achieve those goals.

“When you’re around people who have achieved great things, there is a stillness in them, there is a humility, and there is a quiet light that just burns bright,” Dempsey reflects. “I think that is what greatness is. There is a humility, there’s a quiet confidence and there’s this really deep fire that’s in there and they know what they do. There’s something about being around athletes or people who have achieved something that’s really quite remarkable and I think those are the qualities that inspire me in people who have accomplished great things, and I hope to be able to do and continue to refine myself as a human being and to work on my imperfections on a daily basis. I think through motorsport and through my experience with Porsche I’ve been exposed to a lot of true champions—not only in their chosen sports or professions, but who they are as human beings and how they give back to society.”

The titanium frames are nickel and chrome-free, and are suited for everything from motorsports to daily life. The luxury eyewear pieces often become heirlooms, owing to their timeless design—as relevant today as they were during their ’70s inception. The P’8928 P Collector’s Edition glasses are available in dark grey and black as a tribute to Dempsey’s Hollywood style; the “P” color code after the number stands for Patrick. The decades of experience allow Porsche innovators to learn from colleagues in the automotive departments to help further the design in eyewear utilizing inventive materials and puristic design.

The P’8478 P Collector’s Edition is available at Porsche Design Stores as well as porsche-design.com