Keep Your Eye on the Walls


What do an intricate pair of human-sized butterfly wings, a 37-foot-tall giraffe and a set of mermaid tails—one sized for adults and one for kids—have in common? Gobs of fanfare that has put The Landmark on the world traveler’s and street-art fan’s map.

“I can’t tell you how many people we’ve seen from all over the place come to The Landmark just because of Kelsey Montague’s murals,” says Retail Site Manager Corey McCartney. “My favorite visitors here specifically for the art were an Italian couple that I met up on the third floor of our building that houses Landmark Theatres, where the giraffe mural is. They actually brought their own lettuce to fake feed the giraffe.”

It will be two years in August since Montague, a renowned muralist and artist, finished The Landmark’s three outdoor pieces—all inviting anyone in view to pose for a picture, Montague’s calling card. And we (that includes you, lucky Landmark residents) still can’t get enough. “I would say the wings are the most popular [a signature Montague design],” McCartney says. “But it’s funny how they all have their own group followings, especially among the people who live in the two towers. … The mermaid tails [across from Pizza Republica] are next to our now-expanded patio seating, per COVID-19 guidelines. The first night we had people eating out there, about 15 of them were taking pictures by those tails.”

The Landmark giraffe mural
Courtesy The Landmark

The next time you’re near the wings (between Monk and Mongoose and Ted’s Montana Grill), try to notice a detail you haven’t before: The Landmark counts 11 symbols representing what it’s like to live in the area. And when you say hi to the giraffe, see if it will answer to Geoffrey. To McCartney’s jovial dismay, the complex’s retailers have named the tall guy after Geoffrey, the Toys R Us giraffe mascot: “I go, ‘no, that’s not the Toys R Us giraffe!’ and they say, ‘well, that’s the only giraffe I know!’”

Adds McCartney: “Personally, these murals will always remind me of the experience of being able to watch Kelsey and her family create the art. It was a family affair: Kelsey created it, her sister traced out Kelsey’s work, her father oversaw everything they needed on-site and her mom was definitely the support system. I know a lot of people don’t get that opportunity; I was so appreciative to have it.”

At this moment, the only thing these photo-ready charms are missing is you.