Colorado Healers Help You Destress and Find Wellness

If there is one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that health matters. Not just physical health, mental and spiritual health are equally important. Medical science has proven that mind-body techniques reduce tension and pain, add mental clarity and help the body heal naturally—as it is designed to do. Lucky for you, Colorado has many remarkable healers trained to unite the mind and the physiological nature of healing. All companies listed here follow COVID-19 safety guidelines for in-person therapies. 

Medical Intuition with Davie Fuller. Fuller* serves the Denver and global community as a medical intuitive and intuitive artist. This emerging field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine focuses on visualization and in-depth intuitive assessments on how thoughts, emotions and trauma impact wellbeing. “As a medical intuitive, the process doesn’t arbitrarily feed or push out information,” says Fuller. “Rather, my clients are given the tools they need to bring trauma or past experiences to conscious awareness, which empowers them to uncover root causes that may lead to mental and/or physical illness.” A recent study shows that medical intuition has a remarkably high success rate (94-98%) for evaluating life experiences that may correspond to health issues (Colter, 2020). Denver, 720.841.3364.
*Fuller recently changed her name from Niki Stearman. 

M.A. Acupuncture. This locally operated franchise—in the Belmar Shopping Center – takes the mystery, cost and inconvenience out of acupuncture. “Our goal is to demystify acupuncture and make our client’s lives better,” says Danielle Remington, the general manager. Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system, which alters the way a person feels pain and stress,” she says. The company has three licensed acupuncturists and can accommodate multiple patients at once in their social distanced setting. Each treatment takes 30 minutes. Military, teacher and first-responder discounts are available. 7170 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, 720.619.8051;

Blue Zen Center. If you are looking for a way to bring a new form of relaxation into your life, see Crystal Blue. She specializes in Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST), as well as guided meditations and life coaching. The Sound Therapy experience provides a passive form of meditation and deep relaxation that is reported to lower blood pressure … slow the heart and brain waves. “It’s very gentle,” says Blue, “and most people fall asleep. All wake feeling rested yet energized.” Blue Zen Center also hosts private “sound bath” experiences for individuals and groups, as well as personalized guided meditations that can be done online from your home.
Castle Rock, 720.443.2523;

Amarsi. “Breathe” says, Claudia Nanino, “everything is OK.” Think you already know how to breathe? Nanino is a specialist in conscious breathwork. This simple and very effective healing practice can be done
in person or online to help relieve stress and tap into your body’s
ability to heal. “The experience is different for each person,” says Nanino. “Above all, conscious guided breathing is a very simple tool that provides profound physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.” Online sessions typically last for up to an hour; in person may be longer. Denver,

Photo: courtesy M.A. Acupuncture