Dwelling Well


It always seems like a great idea to purchase sentimental knickknacks on your trip . . . until you’re home and realize the mementos are just cluttering up the joint. It can take some work and a trained eye to make those souvenirs shine like curated art in your home. But lucky for you, globe-trotting interior designer Katie Wolfe Agron of Wolfe Design House has just the ticket.

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Change Your Walls, Change Your Life

Surrounding yourself with art brings a new perspective Artwork evokes emotion. It can bring joy, make us cry, conjure a memory. Surrounding yourself with it is a form of well-being and brings a variety of benefits into your life and the lives of others. “Art has the power to inspire, […]

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Intimate Holiday Gatherings

Cozy, intimate gatherings can be some of the most memorable ones because you can dedicate more time to connecting with the ones you love. They’re also the perfect opportunity to (finally!) incorporate all those special details you’ve been pinning on Pinterest for years but have never had the time or patience to make happen for a whole crowd.

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Kathryn O’Shea-Evans dishes on HOLIDAY TRADITIONS and how to start your own  WRITER. TRAVELER. Teacher. TV personality. Mermaid (that’s for another time). And recently, Kathryn O’Shea-Evans started an online retail business—Aspen Grange—curating American-made Christmas items with the intent of creating “the most Christmassy place on the internet.” We sat down […]

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