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By Heather Shoning

Photos Courtesy of Enstrom Candies

SWEETEN YOUR DESSERT TABLE and holiday gifts with these delectable local favorites

Enstrom Candies, a confectionery institution dating back to 1960, has long been a beloved source of handcrafted Almond Toffee, chocolate and other exquisite treats, founded in Grand Junction, Colorado. With more than six decades of experience, this family-owned business, now in its fourth generation, continues to enchant taste buds with a legacy of quality and passion for crafting confections. 

Elevating your festivities and dessert tables alike, Enstrom Candies’ exceptional assortment of holiday treats adds a touch of magic to your celebrations. From its signature Almond Toffee, premium chocolates, truffles and gourmet popcorn, this is your one-stop destination to create the perfect dessert table for any occasion, especially during the holiday season. And don’t forget to pick up some extras
for gifting!

Traditional Almond Toffee 

The Traditional Almond Toffee is a timeless classic crafted with the finest ingredients, including grade A butter, pure cane sugar, roasted almonds and premium milk or dark chocolate. This holiday staple is buttery, crunchy and topped with a generous layer of rich chocolate and roasted almonds. It’s the ideal treat to gift or enjoy as part of your holiday dessert spread. With its delicate crunch and delightful blend of textures, Enstrom’s toffee is an exquisite topping for creamy ice cream or spongy cakes.

Peppermint Cookie Bark

The Peppermint Cookie Bark is a true holiday sensation. Made with bits of crunchy chocolate and vanilla cookies, it’s covered in rich layers of white and dark chocolate and dusted with finely crushed candy canes. This delightful confection is the epitome of holiday flavors. Crush the bark into small pieces to sprinkle over hot cocoa, ice cream or as an extra layer in your favorite holiday pie.

Other Enstrom Candies’ favorites that will add some sweet goodness to your dessert table—or make special gifts—include Almond Toffee Petites, Toffee Popcorn, Cream Caramels, Mini Turtles and Mint Meltaways. You’ll also find assorted chocolates, truffles, nuts and chews.

Enstrom Candies

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