Backyard Bonanza


Epic adventures don’t just happen in the mountains; they can also occur in your backyard. Once upon a time, a wooden play structure with swings and a slide was a standard backyard accoutrement. Today, ambitious homeowners are transforming their backyards into 5-star destinations. With custom pools and spas, fire features and climbing walls right at home, you don’t have to venture far for summer fun!

Get inspired and discover what a few Colorado-based design and construction companies say about building your epic backyard!

Photo: Courtesy Dream Makers Landscape

Luxe Gathering Spaces

Make your backyard feel like an extension of your indoor space. The team at Dream Makers Landscape make your vision a reality with their opulent custom backyard designs. But where do you start? “The most common and functional will be your paver patio,” says Suong Dang with Dream Makers Landscape. “It’s very durable, and there are different sizes and colors to choose from.” In addition to the patio, Dang says clients want fire features—whether it be a traditional fire pit, modern fire channel or even a fireplace—to create a place to entertain and gather with family and friends.

All projects are unique, and a custom design allows for infinite potential. “They all have common foundational elements such as a patio, fire feature and an entertaining and eating area,” Dang says, “but as far as execution, they are all different depending on style and desired feel.”

Photo: Courtesy Aquality Construction
Photo: Courtesy Aquality Construction

Lavish Water Features

Backyard pools have been growing in popularity in the Mile High City, and they aren’t just simple pools—they’re water-fun destinations. They include elaborate water features, custom slides and creative design elements like infinity pools. To ensure you get precisely what you want, hiring a highly qualified construction company to execute your vision, like Aquality Construction, is critical.

Specializing in in-ground concrete pools and spas, Aquality takes pools to the next level with custom designs, plus automation and energy efficiencies. One of the latest designs they are working on is a movable floor pool, where the deck disappears into the pool. “This type of design allows the pool area to double as an entertaining space,” says Joe Dempsey Jr., COO at Aquality Construction. “There are less than one hundred of these pools in the world, and we have two of them in the works right now.”

According to Dempsey, almost anything is possible in designing your backyard pool, but water features in motion, inside and outside of the pool, are some of the most popular requests. Perimeter LED strips are popular, as well as underwater speakers. But for a top-of-the-line upgrade, choose an all-tile pool.

Photo: Courtesy Eldorado Walls

Over-the-top Adventures

Recreational features like climbing walls bring the adventure to your back door for active families. Louisville-based Eldorado Walls has been creating custom climbing walls and bouldering sets for indoor and outdoor use since 1994, when the company started building commercial climbing gyms. With the sport growing in popularity, they now make custom climbing walls and boulders for private residences as well.

Christina Frain, director of marketing at Eldorado Walls, says custom boulders are popular among Denver homeowners. The boulders are custom built with hand-sculpted, hand-painted concrete and excellent climbability. The company can create anything from small to giant boulders, featuring holds and problems (a route that a climber takes to complete the climb) for all skill levels.

“A climbing boulder is a fun focal point for any backyard,” Frain says. Mimicking the local rock and landscape, Eldorado Walls designs its custom climbing boulders to look and feel like the real thing. “We have a phenomenal team of carvers and painters who are rock climbers themselves,” Frain says. “They work to create and imitate the rock in the area with each custom design.”

No matter what your epic backyard plans might include, all our pros say—much like a major home renovation—there’s a lot of planning and time involved in designing and building a custom outdoor activity area. Dream big, and get a head start on your 5-star, at-home adventure space today—you’ll be glad you did.