Alluring Anteroom

Basil + Tate’s owner and lead designer Jackie Newell sure knows how to make an entrance. In your home, that is. She designed this tranquil foyer to focus on the modern table and its accessories. “For every space we design, we first ask our clients how it needs to function for their family,” she says. “In this case, they already had sufficient space for guests’ coats, so we didn’t need space for coat hooks and shoe storage. We were able to throw practicality out the window and just design a space strictly for the sake of making it pretty!” Two tips for adding decor to a space like this: pop in some greenery and use books for layering, Newell says.

Table: Crate & Barrel
Mirror: Wayfair
Pouf: Target
Candlesticks: Pottery Barn
Vase: Pottery Barn

Basil + Tate